What is MindQ?

Current wellness screenings provide highly simplistic assessments of mental health that miss many individuals at risk for mental health issues and do not effectively divert them into intervention. MindQ fills this gap by assessing individuals’ risk of exhibiting mental health characteristics shown to negatively impact physical health, productivity, absenteeism, and more.

The MindQ Mental Health Risk Assessment assesses the risk of exhibiting problems shown to have a negative impact on health and workplace effectiveness criteria such as productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism. Four distinct areas of risk are assessed:

Life Dissatisfaction:
Assesses risk of dissatisfaction with various aspects related to general wellbeing and quality of life that serve as foundations for resilience

Stress Coping Risk:
Assesses risk of using a habitual style of coping with negative or stressful situations known to be ineffective, leading to augmented rather than diminished stress.

Substance Abuse:
Assesses risk of alcohol and substance use to an extent that is disruptive to work and life.

Emotional Distress:
Assesses risk of exhibiting chronic and problematic levels of depression and/or anxiety.

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